SOMETHING ROTTEN (Literary Fantasy-England-Future) – VG+ Jasper Fforde – 4th in series
Hodder & Stoughton, 2004 – UK Hardcover

Tuesday Next is back from BookWorld with her son, two dodos and Hamlet determined to un-eradicate her husband. But, among other things, she must also prevent Yorrick Kane, a fictional character, from becoming dictator, avoid being killed by an assassin, and prevent Armageddon by ensuring that the Seventh Revealment of St. Zvlkx is fulfilled by having Swindon win the 1988 Super Hoop Croquet final.

It always takes me a minute to completely let go of all definitions of reality and then immerse myself in the wonderful literary world of Fforde. I did appreciate his including a character list in this one and I found it a bit slower getting into than previous books, but I still laughed, know I missed some of the jokes, and marveled at this author’s talent and imagination. I definitely recommend reading the series in order. Remarkable books.

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