Davidon, Mary Janice - UNDEAD AND UNWED

UNDEAD AND UNWED (Paranormal Romance-Minneapolis-Cont) – G+ Mary Janice Davidson – 1st in series
Berkeley Sensation, 2004 - Paperback

Betsy Taylor is fired from her job and killed in a car accident. But that’s not the worst of it; she discovers she’s now un-dead, her stepmother has stolen her designer shoes and, oh yes, she is expected to become Queen of the Vampires.

Although a bit heavy on the profanity, Betsy is a kick with some fun friends and allies she meets along the way. It’s definitely not a mystery and does have a fairly graphic sex scene. But I did laugh out loud and enjoy that Betsy is not at all your standard vampire. It’s a fun book, and I’ve already bought the second of the series.

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