THE MUSIC BOX MURDERS (Amateur Sleuth/Doctor-New York/London-Cont) – G+ Karp, Larry – 1st mystery
A Write Way Publishing Book, 1999– Unedited ARC

Neurologist Dr. Thomas Purdue is an avid collector of antique music boxes. His two-week vacation begins with the news that a fellow collector has been murdered, and receiving a call about a rare music box being available. It becomes immediately apparent the two events are linked and is followed by other deaths, including one of his friends now being accused of murder and suicide. Purdue decides to clear his friend's name and fine the missing music box.

Anyone who is a true collector will identify with Purdue. There were a few rough edges to the book but, being his first mystery, I could forgive those. However, with a great main character, interesting supporting characters, a fast-paced plot, very good dialogue and fascinating information about the world of music boxes and collectors, Karp has written a delightful mystery.

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