THE SECOND CHAIR (Legal-San Francisco-Cont) – VG Lescroart, John – 12th in series
Signet Novel, 2005- Paperback

Young attorney, Amy Wu, takes on the case of a 17-year-old boy accused of killing his teacher and girlfriend. There's strong evidence against him, so Amy is trying to convince him to plead guilty and serve eight years as a juvenal. When Amy botches the early pre-trial hearings and her client keeps insisting he is innocent, Amy's boss, Dismis Hardy steps in as second chair on the case. In the meantime, Detective Chief of Investigations, Abe Glitsky, leads the team to find the person who very deliberately killed a housewife with no apparent enemies.

I wasn't certain, in the beginning, as this book started off very slowly and I didn't particularly care for Amy. But once Hardy was introduced, as well as Abe Glitsky, the pace picked up and the story became much more interesting. There was a fair amount of backstory, which helped me being a new reader, but might have been annoying had I read the previous books. I'd not read Lescroart before, but would certainly read him again.

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