Coleman, Reed Farrel – THE JAMES DEANS

THE JAMES DEANS (Private Investigator-New York- 1980s) – Ex Coleman, Reed Farrel – 3rd in series
Plume, 2005 – Trade paperback

Moe Prager, former cop turned PI, is hired to find political intern Moria Heaton. Moria left political headquarters on evening, never to be seen again.

Moe is the refreshing antithesis of most characters being written today. He is a loving husband, father and brother, neither an alcoholic nor a drug user, but with secrets and burdens of his own. I still rave about "Walking the Perfect Square" as one of my favorite books. Coleman creates an environment that feels personal. But it's the writing that makes this book and series one I feel deserves attention and recognition. Highly recommended.

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