BLOODLINES (Amateur Sleuth-California-1950s, 70s, Cont) – VG Burke, Jan - 10th in series
Simon & Schuster, 2005 – Hardcover

In 1958, young reporter Conn O'Connor wants to know who left for dead his mentor, Jack Corrigan, the night infant Max Ducane is kidnapped and his parents and grandparents are presumed washed overboard from their sailboat. In 1978, young reporter Irene Kelly is taken under the wing of now veteran report O'Connor when a young man who may well be the missing infant, and in 2000, seasoned reporter Irene Kelly and her young protégée's are trying to solve the decades-old crime.

I very much enjoyed the scope of this book, learning the history of Irene and her mentors and the interaction of the characters. I did have a problem with the dialogue not having as much flow as I like. There were holes and loose ends in the plot, and significant plot elements tied up in a general explanation. While I still think "Bones" was her best, this is a very good read and one I would highly recommend.

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