Cleverly, Barbara – THE PALACE TIGER

THE PALACE TIGER (Police Proc-India-1922) – VG Cleverly, Barbara –
4th in series
Constable, 2004- Hardcover

Commander Joe Sandilands has been dispatched to Ranipur, ostensibly to hunt a man-eating tiger. As he is arriving, a plane crashes in front of him killing the son and present heir of the maharajah. Joe quickly finds the crash was no accident and this is the second heir who has died, the first proving to be murdered as well. It's clear there more danger than from four legged beasts.

Cleverly excels as sense of place; you see, smell, hear and feel the atmosphere. She transports you to British occupied India. The dialogue is excellent as are the characters. But under it all, is a solid, basic mystery. There was very good suspense, although there were more twists than Lombard Street--almost too much so. Cleverly is an author for whose next book I await so anxiously, I order them from the U.K. Highly recommended.

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