THE STERLING INHERITANCE (Private Investigator-Fictional town (Part of Sacramento)-Cont) – G+ Siverling, Michael – 1st book
Thomas Dunn Books, 2004- Hardcover

PI Jason Wilder and the Midnight Investigation Agency, has been hired to find Tony Sterling. When he does, Sterling tries to shoot him. Sterling is then arrested for murder of a man found in the dumpster behind the theatre owned by Sterling and his sister. But when Sterling claims his sister is the actual killer and he then disappears, it clear things are not as they seem.

This book works because of the characters and the dialogue. The plot is a bit weak and way too much attention was spent on telling us where Jason parked his car. But the relationship between Jason and his mother, who owns the detective agency, is delightful and characterized by quips reminiscent of the 20s. It's a delightful first book and I am looking forward to the next one.

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