DEAD BEAT (Paranormal-Chicago-Cont) – VG Butcher, Jim – 7th in series
Roc Hardcover, 2005- Hardcover

Wizard Harry Dresden is being blackmailed by Mavra, a vampire and head of the Black Court. He has three days, until Halloween night, to find The Word of Kemmler, whatever that is, or his friend Murphy will die. But he's not alone in the search and must fight other wizards, ghouls, zombies and vampires to save the citizens of Chicago from necromancy.

Butcher has done it again. He has a way of making you believe, and getting you past some of the more gruesome scenes with other visually wonderful scenes and some fabulous lines. There are some wonderful characters, and certainly suspense reigns throughout. This book did not have the same emotional pull as some of the previous, but I very much enjoyed it and will be waiting for the next.

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