SOME DANGER INVOLVED (Historical Mystery-Victorian England) – VG
Thomas, Will – 1st book
Touchstone, 2004-Hardcover

Thomas Llewelyn is desperate to the point where, if he does not get this job, it's off the bridge for him. But he is hired by enquiry agent Cyrus Barker to be his assistant, including room and board. Barker has been asked by Sir Moses Montefiore to investigate the murder and crucifixion of a young Jewish student who bore a resemblance to images of Christ.

Thomas has created a marvelous cast of characters with Llewelyn, Barker, the manservant Mac, French chef Dummolard, and even the feisty Pekinese Harm. The sense of time and place of Victorian England, taking us from elegant drawing room to the Jewish ghetto and the back alleys of London add richness to the story. Because the story is told from Thomas' point of view, you share a bit of his frustration from being kept in the dark by Barker. This does make the ending seem rather abrupt. But that's a minor point when weighed against a very well written, enjoyable story. I eagerly await the next case. This is a very good debut.

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