BITCH CREEK (Amateur Sleuth-Maine-Cont) – G Tapply, William G. – 1st in series
The Lyons
Press, 2004-Hardcover

Stoney Calhoun was struck by lightening and doesn't really remember his past. But he has created a life for himself in Maine, working in a fishing shop, taking turns with his new friend and fellow worker, Lyle, guiding fisherman, and having a relationship with the shop's owner. When Lyle takes out a tourist and doesn't come back, Stoney's guilt drives him to find Lyle's body and his killer.

There was only one thing that dropped my rating down a notch. It's clear this is the beginning of a new series, and the element that indicated that was the one thing I found more annoying than intriguing about this book. It felt too contrived. However, the basic plot of this book was good. I liked the characters, the dialogue, sense of place and all the elements that are important to me in a book. Will I read the next in the series? Yes; but a bit begrudgingly.

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