A MORBID TASTE FOR BONES (Amateur Sleuth-England/Wales-1100s) – VG Peters, Ellis – 1st in series
Mysterious Press, 1977- Paperback

The prior of Shrewsbury Abbey has decided it needs a holy relic and has decided on the bones of Welsh Saint Winifred, now residing in the village of Gwytherin. An expedition group is sent with Brother Cadfael, a native Welshman, as translator. However, the people, and particularly the village's largest landowner, Rhisiart, are opposed to losing their Saint. When Rhisiart is found murdered, it is up to Cadfael to find the killer.

I like the character of Cadfael, who has come to the order later in life with a full history of experience behind him. There are interesting secondary characters and subplots that don't overshadow the primary mystery, and a clever the twist at the end. The book is well written, unpretentious and very enjoyable.

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