LAW OF RETURN (Historical-Spain-1940) - VG Pawel,
Rebecca – 2nd in series

Soho, 2004- Hardcover

Calos Tejada, recently promoted to Lieutenant in the Guardia Civil, has been transferred to Salamanca. One of his duties is to monitor parolees, including professors who protested the Franco decree. When one of the parolees is missing and a body, which may be his, is found, Tejada must investigate his associates, including the father of Elena Fernandez, a woman to whom Tejada is attracted.

This is a period of history about which I know very little. Pawel is an excellent writer and has created an interesting, intelligent and complex character in Tejada. On one hand, he will use force if he feels it is "necessary," and yet he is a good man caught in a time of political loyalties. They story is not as gripping as "Death of a Nationalist," which I highly recommend and would read first, but is more of a mystery and suspense set during a time of political turmoil. I was completely caught up by the story and found it a straight-through, four-hour read. Highly recommended.

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