Damsgaard, Shirley – WITCH WAY TO MURDER

WITCH WAY TO MURDER (Paranormal/Cozy-Iowa-Cont) – Okay Damsgaard,
Shirley – 1st in series

Avon Mystery, 2005- Paperback

Ophelia is the town librarian with psychic abilities, but has repressed her abilities, in spite of the encouragement of her grandmother Abby, descended from Appalachian healers. But when Richard, an attractive stranger, comes to town and dead body turns up, Ophelia begins having very disturbing dreams she can't ignore.

This was okay, but not great. It was a little slow. I became bored with Ophelia until the end. More time was spent on her angst and the rather annoying attention of Richard, than the mystery. Abby and Darci, the assistant librarian, were the more interesting characters, but they were in a supporting role. I was disappointed with the use of magic in the conclusion. It's a quick read, but I would hope for much more from the next book.

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