Rickman, Phil – THE WINE OF ANGLES

THE WINE OF ANGLES (Paranormal-England-Cont) - G Rickman, Phil – 1st in series
Pan, 1999- Paperback

Rev. Merrily Watkins and her daughter, Jane, have come to Merrily's first parish in the small town of Ledwardine; a town whose history revolves around two families and the making of cider. Shortly after arriving, Merrily attends a wassailing where one of the citizens dies from gunshot. Merrily is beset with nightmares and the feeling there's literally more than can be seen and involves a persecution from centuries past.

I'm not certain why some feel the longer the book, the better the book. The story could have been tighter, but there were many strong points. The atmospheric details contribute strongly to the suspense and tension. Merrily and Jane are excellent characters with a realistic relationship that grows and develops with the story. There are interesting secondary characters who contribute strongly to the plot. Unfortunately there were times when the story seemed to lose its way and become rather plodding. I liked that the suspense didn't rely on clichés, but it was not all it could have been either. Still, there was enough to make me hope and read another in this series.

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