Krueger, William Kent – MERCY FALLS

MERCY FALLS (Police Procedural-Minnesota-Cont) – VG Krueger, William Kent – 6th book
Atria Books, 2005- Hardcover

Sheriff Cork O'Connor and his deputy respond to a domestic violence call on the Ojibwe reservation come under sniper fire and his deputy is critically wounded. The call was a trap, and Cork was the intended target. He is then called to a murder scene. The mutilated victim is a member of a wealthy and powerful Chicago family and brother to a man Cork's wife Jo once loved. When a bomb is planted in Cork's car, Cork starts to question whether the two cases are related.

I love Kreuger's writing. He creates characters about whom you care, a plot that carries you without fault from beginning to end, a sense of place you can see and dialogue you can hear. He even get away with an ending that, from a lesser author, would be a wallbanger for me, but I know I'll read Krueger's next book anyway, so I forgive him but it did cause me to drop from an Excellent to a Very Good rating. If you've not read Krueger, do, but I would start at the beginning.

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