THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (Amateur Sleuth-New York-Cont) – VG Karp, Larry – 3rd in series
Write Way Publishing, 2001- Hardcover

Dr. Thomas Purdue receives a call from his friend, and fellow music box lover, Edna Reynolds. Edna's afraid she just killed an annoyingly persistent designer who has been pressuring her to give him her collection of automatons to sell. On his way home, Thomas stops at a shop to view a rare music box, but the shop owner, the same one Edna thought she'd killed, claims he doesn't have it. When people associated with the music box start getting beat up and murdered, Thomas is on the hunt.

Thomas is loyal, caring, and very protective of his friends. The story builds, layer upon layer, moving along quickly and culminating in a classic scene of gathering all the characters in a room. I particularly enjoy that the characters are older and it's clear the author knows and loves New York City. This is a delightful book filled with wonderful characters, and interesting information.

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