THE HEARSE YOU CAME IN ON (Amateur Sleuth-Baltimore-Cont) – Okay Cockey, Tim – 1st book
Hyperion, 2000- Paperback

Undertaker Hitchcock Sewell is intrigued when an attractive woman asks about arranging a funeral—for herself. He's even more intrigued when a woman of the same name turns up dead, except it's a different woman.

I had a number of problems with this book. The main character, Hitch, was wry and amusing, almost to the point of annoying. I didn't feel I ever really got to know any of the characters, much less care about what happened to them. The story was way, way too long—it should have been about half the length it was. It took a long time to get to the mystery of the story, by which time I wasn't certain I even cared. Cockey shows talent, but a severe editing of his work with much more focus on the characters and the main story would improve it.

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