Devlin, Frank (aka Tim Farrington) – LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES

LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES (Police Procedural-San Francisco-Cont) – VG Devlin, Frank (aka Tim Farrington) – 1st
book under this name
Jove, 2005- Paperback

Inspector Rose Burke's former partner committed suicide, her current partner is in love with her, her marriage is in trouble, she's pregnant, and she's looking for a woman serial killer. Helen, as a child, was emotionally and physically abused. She's now looking for the perfect love and, when disappointed, men die.

Devlin employs an interesting style, as the two women are strong, interesting and almost equal protagonists in the story, yet opposite in their emotional core. There are a couple small holes in the plot, but the dialogue, descriptions and emotional involvement more than make up for them. The story stayed with me and left me thinking. Recommended.

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