RELICS (Amateur Sleuth-Alabama-Cont) – G Evans, Mary Anna – 2nd in series
Poisoned Pen Press, 2005- Hardcover

Faye Longchamp is an archeology student who has traveled, with her friend and assistant Joe, to the hills of Alabama. She is there to lead a team research the history of the Sujosa, a small group with immunity to AIDS. When a fire, Faye suspects to be arson, kills one of the researchers and a young man falls to his death from a high tower, Faye is determined to find our who has something to hide and what it is.

This was an enjoyable book on many levels-- archeologically, sociologically, and historically. The characters are interesting, particularly Joe and Miss Dovey, of whom I'd like to have read more. I enjoyed reading the "interviews," but felt they bogged down the story and felt the interaction between the characters suffered for it. The ending was well done with an obvious, but not wall-banging, opening for a subsequent book.

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