Butler, Gwendoline - Girl Next Door – Sold Boring

Fielding, Joy - See Jane Run - Sold-Good 1st
in series - don't really know if she's my kind of writer

Green, Kate - Night Angel - Sold-No slogged
through this

Hoag, Peter - Smila's Sense of Snow - Sold-Didn't finish

Kellerman, Faye - Grievous Sin - Sold-Okay could't get
into the characters

Kijewski, Karen - Copy Kat – VG 5th
in series - A bit weaker, but not bad

Pickard, Nancy - Confession – Ex 9th in series - Good series - light but well done

Shankman, Sarah - She Walks in Beauty – VG 4th
in series - Enjoyable series

Singer, Shelly - Picture of David - Sold-Good
in series - Pleasant enough read

Singer, Shelly - Searching for Sarah – Sold 3rd
in series -Too light - enough

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