Bishop, Paul - Sand Against the Tide – Sold Didn't care for this

Churchill, Jill - Knife to Remember - Sold-Good 5th in series - getting redundant

Clark, Carol Higgins - Snagged – Sold 2nd in series - Tripe

Daheim, Mary - Alpine Betrayal - Sold-Good 2nd in series - Light

Elkins, Aaron - Deceptive Clarity, A – G Museum curator - good humor

Emerson, Earl - Help Wanted/Orphans Preferred – G 2nd Mac Fontana - Not as good as Thomas Black series

Farrell, Gillian B. - Alibi for an Actress - Sold-Ex 1st in series - Actress, part-time PI, very enjoyable - look
forward to more

Girdner, Jacqueline - Stiff Critique - Sold-Good 6th in series - But missed Wayne

Guterson, David - Snow Falling on Ceders – Sold SLOW - couldn't even finish

Levine, Paul - Speak for the Dead – VG 1st book - Florida - interesting characters

Millhiser, Marly - Death of an Office Witch - Sold-Good Good humor but probably wouldn't read any more

Parker, Robert B. - All Our Yesterdays – VG Standalone - 1996 Top Ten- Not Spencer, excellent but not light,
"sins of the father"

Parker, Robert B. - Thin Air – Ex 24th in series - Parker, Belsen's wife kidnapped

Woods, Sherryl - Hide and Seek – Ex 6th Amanda Roberts - Fun reads

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