Buchanan, Edna - Miami, Its Murder – Ex 2nd in series - Enjoy the series

Dawson, Janet - Nobody's Child - Sold-Good –

Needed more dialog, less description

Emerson, Earl - Going Crazy in Public – G

4th Mac Fontaine, serial arsonist, liked better than latest TB (Million-Dollar)

Emerson, Earl - Rainy City – Ex

1st Thomas Black - Very good read

Evanovich, Janet - Two for the Dough – VG

Not as good and the first, but still fun

Girdner, Jacqueline - Most Likely to Die - Sold-Good –

7th in series - Better than some of her past books

Jance, J.A. - Dead to Rights – Ex

4th Joanna Brady, this series gets better with each book!

Jeffe, Jody - Horse of a Different Killer – Ex

Very enjoyable, NC reporter, good read

Kijewski, Karen - Honky Tonk Kat – G

8th in series - But not as good as some

Kotzwinkle, William - Game of Thirty – VG

NY PI, Egyptian game, child abuse, look for more, humor / violence

McQuillan, Karin - Cheetah Chase - Sold-Good

picture of Africa, okay story but probably won't read more

Perry, Anne - Pentacost Alley – G

16th Pitt - But a bit slow

Piesman, Marissa - Alternate Sides - Sold-Boring

didn't even finish

Wolfe, Susan - Last Billable Hour - Sold-Only okay

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