SUNSTROKE (Non-Suspense-California/Mexico-Cont) – DNF Kellerman, Jesse – 1st book
Jove, 2006- US Paperback – ISBN 0515142239

Gloria Mendez has worked for, and been in love with, her boss, Carl Perreira for ten years. Gloria receives an unintelligible message from Carl, who is on vacation in Mexico. When she tries to find him, she learns he was killed in a car accident. As Gloria tries to find out more about Carl, but the more she learns the more she finds he was not who he seemed.

I like books that are character driven, but the characters needs to be interesting and the story needs to compelling enough that I want to keep reading. Both these aspects were missing here. It wasn’t terrible and I could have kept going, but finally, at page 112, I found myself wondering why I wasting time with this book. My overall reaction was that I really didn’t care what happened and that’s when I put the book down. I’d rather spend my time with a book that makes me need to read to read it.

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