CARVED IN BONE (Forensic Mystery-TN-Cont) – G+
Bass, Jefferson – 1st book
Harper, 2007- US Paperback- ISBN: 9780060759827

Anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton is summoned to a Tennessee mountain town where the local sheriff and deputy take him to see a mummified corpse of a young woman. His first task is to find out who she is and how she died. And then he has to find out who killed her while not dying himself.

I liked this book. The protagonist clearly knows his forensics but is down to earth, gets car sick, is emotionally insecure and very human. The story opens with a great hook and kept me going straight through to the end. The sense of place, dialogue and suspense and references to other authors, characters and books all contributed to my enjoyment of the story. The supporting characters are diverse; from the small-town sheriff to the Vietnam vet, to Brockton’s assistant; but they all have definite personalities. Some of the forensic detail may not be for the faint of stomach, but it is fascinating stuff. This was one really good read.

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