LIKE ANGELS FALLING (Pol. Proc-England-Cont) – VG
Adams, Jane - 2nd in series
Macmillan, 2001- UK Hardcover – ISBN: 0333905245

Ray Flowers has now resigned fro the police force and is partners with his friend, George Mahoney, in a security and detection business. Eleven years ago, Ray was involved in investigating the murder of three young boys and Eyes of God cult leader, Harrison Lee, was convicted of the crimes. The cult headquarters exploded and only one young girl, Katie, survived but hasn’t spoken since that day. Now, suddenly, Katie proclaims “He’s coming back.” and runs away from the home of her foster parents back to the site of the cult. When a young boy disappears and his body is found in the same spot and position as Lee’s first victim, Ray is called in to help the police. Has someone taken over where Lee left off?

Adams is very good at supernatural suspense. There is enough of each element to pull you in and keep you reading, but not so much as to be completely unbelievable. Because one can explain events either by reason or paranormal is what makes this book creepy. The tension is definitely there. The story is driven by plot, more than character, but it works because each character is strong and interesting enough to hold their own. Adams is bit hit or miss with me, but this was a definite hit.

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