RED SKY LAMENT (Talented Amateur-Los Angeles-1940s) - G+ Wright, Edward - 3rd in series

Orion, 2006- Hardcover

John Ray Horn is a former cowboy star, an ex-con and has no interest in politics. There are wildfires in the hills and the House on Un-American Activities is impacting the lives of those around him. Maggie, O'Dare, John's friend and former lover, asks for his help to uncover the person behind accusations that her father, talented screenwriter Owen Bruder, is a Communist. John's hesitation at becoming involved ends when Owen is murdered.

Wright has chillingly evokes this period of history. His mix of fictional and real characters, convey the fear, distrust and bigotry of the people involved. Wright creates interesting characters and relationships, but the mystery almost gets lost in the history. It's there, and there is even some decent suspense, but I felt myself getting through the story rather than unreservedly enjoying it. This may not be my favorite book of Wright's, but even still, it won't be my last.

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