TRIPWIRE (Thriller-US-Cont) - G Child, Lee - 3rd in series
JoveBooks, 2000- Paperback

Ex-military policeman, Jack Reacher has worked hard to at a low profile. He is surprised, and wary, when a private investigator comes to Key West looking for him. When the investigator is murdered, he tracks down the client. The trail leads him to his past, a romance with a formerly unrequited love, a case to clear the name of a Vietnam veteran, and facing off against a brutal villain, with a hook hand, who is out to destroy a desperate CEO.

Child always writes an exciting read. The villains are villainous and Reacher is the ultimate macho hero who loves the ladies. In this case, Reacher's interest was occasionally TSTL (too stupid to live), while Melanie, the wife of the CEO was strong and smart. The biggest problem I had with this book is that Child left a lot of threads hanging at the end. I prefer knowing what happens to the characters, both major and minor. This isn't the best book of the series, and certainly not heavy, intellectual reading. But, it did keep me turning the pages and was the perfect airplane book.

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