KING OF THE STREETS (Private Investigator-Scotland-Cont) - G+
Baker, John - 3rd in series
Indigo, 1998- UK Paperback

Investigator Sam Turner has his hands full. He is investigating the murder of a woman's ex-husband, a CCTV operator and, unbeknownst to her, a blackmailer. He is also helping the widow of a good friend, and helping Gordie, the orphaned young man Sam took under his wing, deal with his first serious relationship. But the biggest threat is from a pair of steroid-enhanced body builders working for the local gangster.

Baker knows how to create a fascinating cast of characters. Even his bad guys are ones you won't soon forget. He also knows how to balance humor and humanity with menace and cruelty. There are major and minor plot lines but they all intertwined to make this a very enjoyable book. I definitely feel Baker is one of he many authors who deserve a much wider readership and recognition then they have.

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