SNOW BLIND (Police Proc-Minneapolis-Cont) – VG Tracy, PJ – 4th book
Putnam, 2006- Hardcover

Homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gina Rolseth take the lead in this wintertime murder investigation set in Minneapoilis. A major snowfall has come to provide the material for a snowman-building content. But a couple snowmen are different from the others in that they contain the bodies of murdered men, and policemen at that. Another snow-man, found on an iced over lake outside Minneapolis, turns out to be a missing parole officer. It is discovered that the link between the three men is a paroled convict who has been asking after his ex-wife, whom he had nearly beat to death.

The mother and daughter team who make up PJ Tracy certainly know how to write a page-turning book. Of their alternating protagonists, I actually prefer the detectives, but that’s a personal choice. I appreciate the humor in their writing, offsetting the very serious subject of abuse with the completely inexperienced new Sheriff in Dundas County. The writing is tight, dialogue crisp, and characters engaging. The stories are fast-paced and make you want the next book as soon as you’ve finished the one. If you looking for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon read, this is it.

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