CLOSE TO HOME (Police Prod-England-1965/95) – G+ Robinson,
Peter – 12th in series

Avon Books, 2003- Paperback

On vacation in Greece, Chief Inspector Alan Banks learns the body of a boyhood friend is found, 30 years after the boy went missing. Banks remembers that someone tried to grab his a few days before and feels he has to return to the town where he grew up to finally tell the police about it. In the meantime, another 15-year-old boy has gone missing.

Not everyone can pull off having two cases that are parallel, but separate, with the occasional intersection of Banks, but Robinson sure did. The characters are very well drawn and interesting as is the plot, action and suspense. But the main theme of the book was families and how, no matter our age, we always seek the approval of our parents. Robinson did use a lot of musical references in his story, of which I got a bit tired. I enjoyed the book, although I did feel it a bit over long.

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