DAMNATION STREET (Private Investigator-Calif, Arizona, Nevada-Cont) - VG+
Klavan, Andrew – 3rd in series
Harcourt, 2006- Hardcover

This is the third outing of Weiss and Bishop, narrated by a young Klavan. PI Scott Weiss realizes the only for beautiful prostitute Julie Wyant to ever be safe and stop running from the psychopathic killer called “Shadowman,” is to find Julie, knowingly leading the killer to her, and killing the killer first. When Jim Bishop, now estranged from Weiss, learns
”Shadowman” has a trick he is counting on Weiss not having planned for, Bishop is determined to find Weiss and save him. Add to this young Klavan, working in Weiss’ office. He finally has a case of his own following the daughter of the Berkeley professor who is concerned that she has suddenly become distant and staying out more. Unfortunately, the young woman is someone Klavan fell in love with after meeting once, but let her slip away when he become involved in an affair with an older woman who also works for Weiss.

Now for a bad analogy—this book made me think of figure stating with major sections of fast skating punctuated with daring jumps, occasional slower sections to alter the pace, an explosive crescendo and finally stopping and taking their bows and, as with figure skating, I loved it. The story is totally plot driven and does lean on coincidence but that doesn’t mean without character development. One could actually read it as a standalone, although it is better to read the whole series. The dialogue is sharp and the action gripping. There is brutality and profanity but appropriate, with exception to one character where I felt it was misplaced. There is humor and pathos which balance out the action and violence. You can tell author Klavan is a screenwriter as the story is very visual. I highly recommend this for the noir reader, and what a treat you’ll receive.

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