FINAL FRAME (Police Procedural-UK-Cont) – G+ Adams,
Jane – 5th in series
Macmillan, 1999- UK Hardcover

Although serial killer Max Harriman has been captured, Detective Inspector Mike Croft is still on the trail of Max’s childhood friend and mentor in murder Jake Bowen. Jake’s latest victim is a young art student who painted herself in a pose in which her body was later found. Now the stakes are raised as Jake has kidnapped the niece of Mike’s girlfriend.

I have something of a like/dislike relationship with Jane Adam’s books. My dislikes are that there is not a lot of character development and, with this book, a real need to have read the previous book “Fade to Grey.” My likes, it was a very good, suspenseful book with an interesting look at nature versus nurture. I have found Ms. Adams’ books have grown on me. There is something rather haunting about them and I’m delighted to have several more on my shelves.

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