HUNDRED DOLLAR BABY (Private Investigator-Boston-Cont) - VG Parker, Robert – 32nd in
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2006- Hardcover

Spencer doesn’t immediately recognize April Kyle, the woman he’s rescued twice before; once as a young prostitute and again from a disastrous relationship. Now she’s back as the madam to a very up-scale house. Only she needs Spencer to rescue her again from someone threatening to put her out of business. Or are they? Spencer suspects something else may be going on.

I love Parker’s books. They are always reliably good reads and no one does dialogue better. No matter what else I may have read during the month, I know I shan’t be disappointed or bored with one of his books, and this book held true. But there is a significant difference in this book. It is much less physically violent than the past and Susan is much less annoying, or at least, she is annoying in a way different than in the past. The ending in this book was rather abrupt and not really logical, but it was a complete ending. There isn’t much else to be said except long may he write.

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