So, I'm sitting here pleased as punch with my new tea of choice. Yep, I drink tea. I also mainline Diet Mtn Dew and have an affinity for frozen coffee drinks, but, this post is about tea.

Celestial Seasonings Tea.

I love the little boxes the tea comes in, each one bursting with artwork and little side quotes. It's definitely tea for the soul. I remember years and years ago when I first found out about these teas. I thought they were really cool. Hippie tea, even. (Smile).

We certainly never had it in my house, growing up. We just had plain tea. (Oh, don't shudder!). As if tea could be plain. What I mean is we had the regular garden variety iced tea on hand all the time. Here in the south, that comes two ways, much to the amusement of the rest of the country: Sweet and Un-Sweet. (But, that's another story...)

I guess it's been a few years since I actually had any Celestial Seasonings Tea. I moved on to Arizona Teas, Tazo Teas, Green Teas, and probably my favorite, Peach Tea.

So, today while I was shopping for comfort food, which had to include some mini orange chocolate balls, tapioca pudding and orange flavored cranberries, I foun d something new.

New to me anyway...Celestial Seasonings Pear Flavored White Tea. I fell in love with the box...there are teapots and a siamese cat on the front that remind me of the cat I had for 11 years. So, in effect, I was going to buy the tea whether I drank it or not.

And can honestly say, it's quite yummy. Just a hint of pear. Very light and refreshing. I don't know what it is about a simple cup of tea that is so soothing.

So, here I am with my iced pear tea, and soon to be out of the oven cranberry orange muffins and a new pile of books to read. I'm tempted to pull off of the shelf one of Laura Child's Tea Shop mysteries. Very tempted. But, instead, I'll take stock of what I just found at the library:

FEVER MOON by Carolyn Haines. (Love the title)

HUNTER'S MOON by Randy Wayne White (I see a trend, here. Even though the one has nothing to do with the other except for the moon. Glad to see a new Doc Ford mystery.

THE NATURE OF MONSTERS by Clare Clark. Historical fiction. Looks to be a bit dark and lovely.

REQUIEM FOR A DREAMER by Jo Bannister. Brodie Farrel delves into the world of show jumping to unravel a murder.

And I've two non-fiction books waiting to be read:

A LIFE IN SECRETS by Sara Helm. Explores the multi-layered life of Vera Atkins, a WWII spy.


Then, there's to add to this list, my recently acquired books in paperback:

THE MINERAL PALACE by Heide Julavits

THE SINFUL SAFARI by Michael Killian

TWO MYSTERIES by Joan Lowry Nixon. (The Other Side of Dark & The Name of the Game was Murder)

AT THE EDGE by David Dun.

THE POISON TREE by Tony Strong.

SCAVENGER REEF by Laurence Shames.

LEFT FOR DEAD by Kevin O'Brien.

RIVER OF DARKNESS by Rennie Airth.



SO, now that I've more books to read than one could ever hope for...I'm off to not read but, WRITE!!!

Yep. When I've done my word count for the day, I'll reward myself with some reading. :-)


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