Okay. So, I'm a Crossing Jordan fan. Have been since it first aired on tv. And tonight, it's lights out, so long, farewell. The final episode (as NBC chose to cancel the show) airs tonight.

It was already the season finale'...and now, tonight's show is the last of the last. Sure, the show is already in sindication on A&E, but, it's not quite the same. No more new eppisodes to look forward to each week.

So, to the cast and crew and everyone that made the show the wonderful show that it was, Thank you! And we want you back!!!

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Comment by Beth Walker on May 20, 2007 at 9:33am
Thanks for the sage advice. Yep. Writing is motivation, fingers on keyboard and lots of BIC. :-)
Comment by Harley L. Sachs on May 20, 2007 at 8:03am
I'm not a fan of Crossing Jordan, but if you really want to write, you must apply pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and tuchas to chair. Like the ad says, Just do it. Fiddling among the paper supplies is a dodge to postpone the real task. It's like the author with writer's block who sharpens all the pencils but doesn't write anything. the blank page is intimidating, but just start writing even if allyou do is gibberish. It will start to come. Quit in the middle of a sentence andlook forward o coming back to it and finishing. It is essential to DO IT EVERY DAY. Writing is not a volition. It is a discipline and a habit. It's something you have to do, a compulsion. Once you get in the groove (in the flow) you're like the hesitant ski jumper who throws herself out of the gate and makes the commitment. Have a nice ride!

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