Today, I have received not one, not two, but, three nudges to get writing!

1. This morning in a non-writing related email, I read about a historical incident in Scotland that I'd previously researched on the web as a part of a potential storyline. It was something of a surprise to see the topic pop up on the screen without having done a search.

2. A published writer took the time to add an encouraging post on my spot over at BookPlace. Thanks, Newt.

3. As I was signing in to CrimeSpace, just now, a strange and totally weird thing happend. The name I'd previously concocted for a main character appeared as those funky, twisting curly letters in one of those verifcation sign in boxes. (Que Twilight Zone music...) Wow.I just stared at it. And then, stared some more.

I've heard of outward manifestations of inner thoughts and goals, but seeing those curling letters formed into a character name I'd come up with was downright spooky.

Happy writing everyone. Or ah, murderous writing, as the case may be here on CrimeSpace. ;-)

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