Barre, Richard - Innocents - VG
1st book - Took awhile to get into the rythem of his writing, but liked it very much

Coben, Harlan - Dropshot - G 2nd in series - Like his books very much

Crespi, Trella - Trouble with a Small Raise - Sold Okay, definitely a cozy

D'Amato, Barbara - Hands of Healing Murder - Sold Christie-like, knew the killer on page 22

Diehl, William - Reign in Hell - Ex 1997 HM - Grisham meets Alister McClain - excellent after Chapter 1

Dunning, John - Holland Suggestions - Sold Boring - 90% narrative

Emerson, Earl - Deception Pass - Ok 10th Thomas black - I like his characters, but the story wasn't much - the last?

Finkelstein, Jay - Idle Gossip - Sold Very strange book, didn't finish

Furutani, Dale - Death in Little Tokyo - G Characters w/foibles, raises social issues w/o preaching, okay

Gardner, Lisa - Perfect Husband - Ex Raw violence, hot sex, great read!!! - Not for everyone

Harvey, John - Lonely Hearts - G 1st Charlie Resnick - Brit Police Procedural - a bit hard to follow at times, but

Thurlo, David & Aimee - Blackening Song - Sold Started well, bogged in the middle, bored by the end

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