Barre, Richard - Bearing Secrets - G 2nd in series - Liked the character, but 60's radicals don't interest me

Block, Lawrence - Chip Harrison Scores Again - Sold Young man obsessed with sex

Block, Lawrence - Sins of the Father -Ex 1997 Top Read - 1st Matt Scudder - Complex character - excellent

Clement, Peter - Lethal Practice - Sold Okay-liked the main characters, but rest seemed detached

Fotheringham, Peter Moir - Destroying of Henry Blyne - Ex British author whose life is being destroyed -
excellent, story within a story

Gerritsen, Tess - Harvest - Ex 1997 Top Read - Excellent 1st novel - good suspense

Gerritsen, Tess-Life Support -Ex 1998 HM – 1st book - read in January - great suspense, medically

Harvey, John - Rough Treatment - Ex 1997 Top Ten List 2nd Charlie Resnick - Excellent British police procedural - good characters, great

Housewright, David-Penance - VG 1st in series - Good character, well written, looking forward to more

Huff, Tanya - Blood Debt - Ex 5th in series - Vampire mysteries (I.e., Forever Knight)-really liked this - get

Jackson, Jon A. - Blind Pig - VG 2nd in series - Definitely better than the first

Jackson, Jon A. - Hit on the House - G 1st in series - Seemed a bit disjointed at times

Kaewert, Julie - Unbound - Sold Okay- 2nd in series - interesting re publishing- woman writing man's voice-didn't ring true

Katz, Jon - Sign Off - Sold Not a mystery-inner workings of national new network, didn't finish

Lynds, Gayle - Masquerade - Sold Could not get into it, kept thinking I must have better books to read

Matera, Lia - Prior Convections - Ok 4th in series - Cute - but enough of this

Matera, Lia - Radical Departure - G 2nd in series - Willa Janssen-Cute, light, fun with lots of bodies

Mayor, Archer - Bellows Falls - Ex 1997 Top Ten List – 8th in series - Excellent style, good action, faliable characters

Rankin, Ian - Hide and Seek - G 2nd in series - Well written police procedural

Scottoline, Lisa - Rough Justice - Ex 1997 Top Ten List 3rd Rosato - When she's good, she's very good - unrealistic but great read

Siegel, Barry - Perfect Witness - Sold ARC-Boring - didn't finish

Spring, Michelle - Standing in the Shadows - Sold ARC-Okay-British
PI (female), invest. a child murderer-interest. psyco.

Wicox, Colin - Doctor, Lawyer - Ex 1997 Top Ten List 7th Frank Hastings, excellent police procedural

Wilcox, Collin - Victims - VG 12th Frank Hastings - very good police procedural

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