Abrahams, Peter - Perfect Crime - Ex ARC - suspenseful, few likeable characters but very well done

Aubert, Rosemary - Free Reign - Ex 1998 HM - wonderful twists and turns, depicts life of the homeless

Buchanan, Edna - Pulse - Ex 1998 Top Ten List - heart transplant - very good

Burke, Jan - Liar - G Too many characters, chart - reliable series but this not quite as good

Coben, Harlan - One False Move - Ex 1998 Top Ten List - laugh, cry, Excellent!!

Corcoran, Tom - Mango Opera - G Key West - difficult to follow at times

Coulter, Catherine - Maze - Sold R-okay but large improbabilities in plot

Crusie, Jennifer - Tell Me Lies - G Romantic mystery - small town - fun

Cuthbert, Margaret - Silent Cradle - VG Berkeley Medical - very good 1st book

Deveraux, Jude - Knight in Shining Armour - VG R- Time travel, both ways, enjoyed

Deveraux, Jude - Velvet Series - G 4th in series - E. Lowell's series is better

Evanovich, Janet - Four to Score - VG Funny, sexy, a good time

Gerritsen, Tess - Never Say Die - G Enjoyable

Gerritsen, Tess - Presumed Guilty - G M/R - okay romance, weakish ending

Gerritsen, Tess - Whistleblower - VG Improbably plot but best of three

Healy, Jeremiah - Stalking of Sheilah Quinn - G 7 characters, story merging twist at end but abrupt

Huff, Tanya - Summon the Keeper - VG Hole to Hell, talking cat, great fun!

Johansen, Iris - Ugly Duckling* - Ok Improbable plot, not enough sex or mystery, some good suspense

Kijewski, Karen - Stray Kat Waltz - G Hate that she killed off Hank, but story good and up to form

O'Connell, Carol - Judas Child - Ok Not as involving, too many characters, no single focus

Perry, Thomas - Face-Changers - VG This series keeps getting better

Rankin, Ian - Knots and Crosses - VG 1st read 12/97 – 1st book in series - A few flaws, but interesting
characters, good 1st book

Rankin, Ian - Let It Bleed - VG Rebus not always likeable but dogged, believes life is sacred

Stabenow, Dana - Killing Grounds - G Her books are always good

Walker, Mary Willis - All the Dead Lie Down - VG Well written, intelligent, not as suspenseful as Beetle's

Weir, Charlene - Murder Takes Two - VG This series gets better with each book

Whitney, Phillis - Star Flight - Sold Didn't finish - enough PW

Winslow, Don - Long Walk DOWN THE Water Slide - VG DW at his usual off-center self

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