Box, C.J. - Open Season - G Game warden and his daughter

Connolly, John - Dark Hollow - Ex 2001 TOP 10 - Calib Kyle, brutal,
horrific, fabulous writing style

Connolly, John - The Killing Kind - The Fellowship - Ex 2001 TOP 10 - "Bird" Parker sees and
revenges the dead

Gerritsen, Tess - The Surgeon - Ex 2001 TOP 10 - serial killer preys on women who were raped

Goldring, Kat - All Signs Point to Murder - Sold Inane

Hamilton, Laurell K. - A Kiss of Shadows - G Stand-alone, Princess of the fey, definitely not Anita

Hamilton, Steve - Winter of the Wolf Moon - G+ MN in winter, good sense of place, ice fishing shack

Jacques, Brian - Castaways of the Flying Dutchman - Ok Young adult-a boy and his dog through time

Lee, J. Ardian - Son of the Sword - VG SciFi - Time travel / Romance, fairie, 1713 Scotland

Long, James - Ferney - Sold Men can't write romance

Oddy, Paul - Flint - Sold Plot hard to follow, character intriging but you never get to know her

Pattison, Elliott - The Skull Mantra - Sold

Perry, Anne - Whitechapel Conspirancy - G+ A reliably good author

Peters, Elizabeth - Devil May Care - G Stand-alone, light and enjoyable

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