Block, Lawrence - Hope to Die - Ok A very tame Matt Scudder, not the usual edginess

Bowen, Rhys - Evans Can Wait - G-Enjoyable series

Driver, Lee - The Good Die Twice - Ok Paranormal mystery - detective and shapeshifter -interesting

Hamilton, Laurell K. - Narcisses in Chains - Ok Disappointing - focused on nudity and sex, no real plot, no

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Gone Tomorrow - G Insp. Bill Slider - enjoy these

Killough, Lee - Bloodwalk - G Vampire cop - pre-Forever Knight

Mayor, Archer - Tucker Peak - Ok Not as good as earlier books

Perry, Thomas - The Face-Changers - G+ Jane Whitefield makes a doctor disappear - like this series

Weir, Charlene - A Cold Christmas - Ok Not very suspenseful

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