Buchanan, Edna - Ice Maiden - G Solving a cold case, very good right until the end

Cannell, Stephen J. - The Tin Collectors - VG Cop shots another cop beating wife, IAD goes after him
above normal

Crais, Robert - Hostage - VG Former SWAT hostage nego, now chief in small town-family held

Erickson, K.J. - Third Person Singular - G+ 2 women murdered, MN, cop with exceptional 8 year old

Gardner, Lisa - The Next Accident - VG 4th with FBI agent-his family being murdered one-by-one

Hayter, Sparkle - Chelsea Girl Murders - Sold Just not my thing

Healy, Jeremiah - Turnabout - NR General's son kidnapped, very unlikable characters, protag dies at end

Philipin, John - The Murder Channel-NR

Witten, Matt - The Killing Bee - NR Screenwriter, gifted sons, principal murdered, not surburban detective

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