Wow. Yesterday while I was on a hike in the mountains, the following review was posted on the Amazon page for "Antler Dust."

Here it is:

Economy of language, July 1, 2007

Remember when you discovered Hemingway? That's how I feel about this book. How does he pack so much humor, so many characters, so much sense of place into so few words? The result is that this is a quick read, but a very substantial one. It takes place not far from where I live but introduced me to a society of which I was only dimly aware. (A friend's brother actually works as a hunting guide... I must get his review.) Venality, good intentions and incompetence come together in explosive ways in Antler Dust.

Again, wow.

What counts more -- a review like this or one in a newspaper somewhere? I was blown away. Full disclosure: I know the writer. But we are not close friends. He could have easily read the book and never posted a word and I wouldn't have known the difference. Anyway, Antler Dust is still carrying a five-star rating on Amazon with 21 reviews total as of today.

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