LOOKING GOOD DEAD (Police Procedural-Roy Grace-England-Cont) – VG
James, Peter – 2nd in series
Macmillan, 2006, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9781405054973

First Sentence: The front door of the one-proud terraced house opened, and a long-legged young woman, in a short silk dress that seemed to both cling and float at the same time, stepped out into the fine June sunshine on the last morning of her life.

On his way home from work, Tom Bryce finds a CD left behind by a passenger on the train. In an effort to identify the CD’s owner, Tom opens it in his computer and witnesses the brutal murder of a young woman. When he tries to open it again, he receives a threat against himself and his family. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is called to the scene where the dismembered body of a young woman, sans her head, has been found. Grace’s team must first identify the body and catch the killer before more die.

This book is good; really good. I was captivated on page one and held until the very last page way too late that same night. The story is exciting, human, grisly, sexy, profane and I enjoyed every bit of it. All of the characters are very well developed; Tom’s struggle to keep his business going, his wife’s feeling of desperation, Roy’s still coping with his wife’s disappearance yet trying to move forward while trying to keep his job on track. It’s a well-rounded plot with good sense of place and great dialogue, both verbal and internal. Thank heaven book three is due out very soon. Highly recommended.

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