Hill, Suzette A. - A LOAD OF OLD BONES

A LOAD OF OLD BONES (Untraditional mystery- 3 POV- England-1950s) - VG

Hill, Suzette A. – 1st book

Constable, 2007, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9781845295813
First Sentence: It was Bouncer who found the leg.

Reverend Francis Oughterard is a quiet man who simply wants a quiet life. That’s hard to achieve with an obnoxious neighbor, a jealous banker, a drunken bishop and an accidental murder. Now, it’s up to Bouncer the dog and Maurice the cat to keep the Reverend out of prison and their comfortable, new home intact.

What a fun book and so well done. I feared a story where two of the protagonists, and points-of-view were a dog and cat, would be cloying sweet and cute. Not so. It is cleaver and funny and a thoroughly good read.

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