Thanks to everyone who has sent me “Friend” requests - but for the time being, I’m just going to sit here doing nothing. I really don’t understand the purpose of “Friends” on these sites - I mean, what do they do? What does it mean? What is it for? If anyone can give me a really good reason for falling in with this habit, then please do. Meanwhile, I’m very pleased to talk to anyone who drops by here at this ... ah .... blog thing ... (Is it just me, or was it only yesterday that we were struggling to get used to electronic typewriters?) I’m delighted to notice that the spellchecker on my computer - which I only bought a few months ago - does not recognise “blog,” and offers as alternatives “bog” or “blob.” So, if you wish to talk to me via my bog-blob, welcome.

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Comment by Mat Coward on July 18, 2007 at 8:48pm
Thanks, Pepper. Those collectors sound a little ... frightening! Has anyone written a thriller about them, yet?
Comment by Pepper Smith on July 18, 2007 at 2:01am
Welcome, and take all the time you need settling in.

Basically, friending is a way of having handy bookmarks so you can reach other members' pages without having to search the member list or hunt through the forums to find a link to their page. Beyond that, I don't think it really means anything, although there are folks who seem to want to collect the entire membership roll in their friends section.

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