DEAD CONNECTION TOUR - Day 19 - August 3

A motley crew braved the heat for last night's signing at Barnes & Noble. In the house were Hofstra colleagues (from the twenty-somethings to the septuagenarians), Hofstra students (current and alums), neighbors, a cousin, a Pilates pal, a tall blonde British fellow who writes books about a man called Reacher, Duffer's play-date's person, long-time friends like Anne Lise and Maggie, and newer ones like many of you whom I've met online.

Tomorrow morning a black car is coming to pick me up at a time that begins with a 4 so I can go to Pittsburg for the official end of tour. I may have to break my one-Diet-Coke-a-day caffeine limit. (Can't help it - I'm still having fun playing with the emoticons)

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