Well the second book in the Frost Sister Mystery Series is at the publisher. Now comes the nail biting time. So meantime back at the ranch,I'm busy working on the stand alone suspense that has been calling my name.

But if that isn't enough to keep me busy, my internet connection boots me off after about 5-10 minutes. Makes it tough to do research and answer emails. I have to keep rebooting the computer to get back on for another precious few minutes. That's part of the reason I've been remiss with my online groups.

I'VE MISSED YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I've hijacked my daughter's laptop (in her bedroom), and believe me, there is no scarier place. Nothing I, or any other horror or mystery author can ever write has the capability to send a chill up a mom's back quicker than a trip into the unknown territory of a teen's room.

Until Bill Gates or God shows up to fix my computer woes, I probably won't be here as much. However, I will risk life and limb as frequently as possible to check in with you guys.

Wish me luck!

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