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New Video Trailer

I'm so thrilled with the trailer for Invisible Shield. Hope everyone gets a chance to check it out. Let me know what you think.
So far the comments have been quite positive.
Oh, and if you really like the trailer--read the book!

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Magna Cum Murder

I attended my first Magna conference this past weekend and had a great time! I made new acquaintances and managed not to get killed on I-65. Every time I go to a writer's con, I feel pumped and ready to write when I get back. I needed the shot in the arm as I've been struggling with a couple of manuscripts. One is a stand-alone suspense, the other horror.

Thanks to several writing vets at Magna, I learned a few tricks for spurring the old creative juices. So now I'm off and running… Continue

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Web Woes

Well the second book in the Frost Sister Mystery Series is at the publisher. Now comes the nail biting time. So meantime back at the ranch,I'm busy working on the stand alone suspense that has been calling my name.

But if that isn't enough to keep me busy, my internet connection boots me off after about 5-10 minutes. Makes it tough to do research and answer emails. I have to keep rebooting the computer to get back on for another precious few minutes. That's part of the reason I've…


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Book signing success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Borders book signing on Saturday

the 14th. Wow! Invisible Shield sold out of the Borders'

stock and then I sold a few of the ones I brought along! It was

great to see the other Five Star authors, Julie Hyzy, Mike Black, Dave

Case and Tom Keevers, who signed their books too. We all had a

great time and went out to dinner afterwards. If you email me

privately I can give you the details on who ordered what. :))

Yesterday I… Continue

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Invisible Shield

Well, it's been a month since the release of Invisible Shield

and it has received great reviews from reviewers, authors and most of

all--my readers! The book is available to order through

bookstores and on

I've scheduled a promotional events and I can't wait to get out and

meet readers both familiar and new. Meanwhile, I've finished the

second book in the Frost sisters series and have written the first 100

pages of a stand-alone suspense… Continue

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Introducing my book character Lindsay Frost

So this is my blog site, huh? Pretty nice. Well here

goes. I"m homicide detective, Lindsay Frost. Did I hear you

say big deal? Well it is when you consider I'm dead. God

stepped out for a beer on the night I needed him most. That was

the night I was murdered. I've told my story to a dear friend of

mine, author, Scarlett Dean. She was nice enough to get it all

down without prejudice, and what do you know? The damn thing sold

to 5 Star Publishing! If… Continue

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